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Workshop 1

Defining Value

Work on your own – Concurrent work


This workshop brings the stakeholders together to work on the local definitions and rankings of heritage value. The discussion focuses on what value means, how it has been defined and used in heritage contexts, how these definitions contrast against those at grassroots level, and how it has been used in heritage vulnerability assessments to climate impacts. The results of this Workshop will be incorporated into the other CA CVI workshops (Workshop 2 and 3).

Workshop objectives

  • To define value of heritage at personal / stakeholder level
  • To identify the current value systems applied in heritage-focused vulnerability assessments
  • To identify and organize the knowledge about existing and expected climate impacts to the assessed heritage


Scroll down to the Start Here block. The link will bring you to a separate working webpage with three steps (summarized below). Each step has reading materials, a series of questions for you to think about, and an interactive panel where to register your thoughts.

It is important that you do complete all steps. We will use the results registered in the interactive panels as basis to the discussion of Workshop 2, and the assessment in Workshop 3.

Remember this process is directed and shaped by you. The organizers are just facilitating the conversation. We hope you can help us improve the process as we continue assessing the vulnerabilities of cultural heritage.

Start here

You will need a password to access this page. Email us if you have not yet received it

What is heritage?

In this step you will be invited to think about what makes a site or place heritage. What attributes do heritage sites have? Why are heritage sites valuable?

What is value?

In this step you will be invited to think about how do we know that a place is important and what would happen if it is lost. You will also think about what values or type of sites should be prioritized when thinking about mitigating loss and who should be included in making decisions

What is climate change?

In this step you will be begin to link climate change and cultural heritage. You will be invited to think about how specific climate drivers can impact the site we will assess, if these impacts are being felt in the present or are expected in the future, and what information we have enough information about heritage and about climate.

The results of this work will be used as foundation for Workshops 2 and 3


We are available to help you if you encounter any problems

Jessie Ochoa-Diaz

Project Assistant

CA Office of Historic Preservation

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